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Hey guys!

This is just random today and trust me, i’m sorry for not posting in a while!

anyway the link is to my account on OurWorld (a online thingy)

I have lots of tests coming up and lots of problems in life at the mo’

I will post when i can.


:’) hoowwzz it goooinn bros 😀

Yea i stole PewDiePie’s catchphrase xD

anywayz i’m a BIGG fan of his videos, and guess what i have…. another piece of news for you guys!

I have 2 Jacobs Ladders ! woooo! :’D

 no pics today.. i haven’t really been on acww so it will probably be another night session 😉

hahah nook’n’go is evolving!

dun dun dundun dun dun dun diun

nook’n’go evolved into magikarp! xD

But seriously Nook’n’go is remodling and i paid off my second mortgage!